6-2-8: RABIES:
The poundmaster shall have authority to order the owner of any animal showing symptoms of rabies, or of any animal which has bitten any person or persons so as to cause an abrasion of the skin, to subject such animal to the city pound for quarantine for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days, and if such animal shall be determined free of rabies, the same shall be returned to the owner upon payment of one-half (1/2) of the regular fee for keeping dogs impounded. No other fee shall be charged. If such fee is not paid, the animal shall be subject to disposal as provided in section 6-2-10 of this chapter. Provided, however, that in lieu of submitting such animal to the city pound, the owner may, at his expense, admit such animal to a veterinarian for examination.
Any animal afflicted with rabies shall be disposed of immediately, either by the owner or the poundmaster. (Ord. 1190, 5-8-2006)