The poundmaster shall have and perform the following duties:
   A.   Take up, impound and safely keep any feral cat or dog found running at large or tied in any street, lane, alley, court, square, park or other place belonging to the city or upon the premises of any person other than the owner of the animal. Cats identified by marking distinguishing them from feral cats shall be released at capture site.
   B.   Take up immediately any cat or dog which the poundmaster has reason to believe may be infected with rabies in accordance with section 6-2-8 of this chapter.
   C.   Take up and impound any feral cat or dog not on the premises of his owner or not under the control of the owner or other competent person.
   D.   Make a complete registry of impounded cats and dogs, identifying the breed, color and sex of such animal and if licensed, the number of the license and the name and address of the owner, the date and manner of disposal, the name and address of the person redeeming or purchasing and the fees and charges and proceeds of sale received on account thereof.
   E.   Maintain and care for the public pound and furnish adequate food and drink and sanitary surroundings for all cats and dogs impounded unless the city has contracted with some other person or entity to furnish and operate same; in which event he shall see that such privately operated pound is operated in accordance with the terms of this chapter. All impounded cats and dogs apparently in healthy condition shall not be in active contact with sick and diseased animals nor impounded females in season in contact with males. Humane treatment shall be exercised at all times.
   F.   Notify the owner of any cat or dog impounded, stating that such animal is confined at the pound and specify the amount necessary to reclaim or redeem the same, as provided herein, and the period which such animal will be held before disposing of the same.
If the name of the owner is not known, the foregoing notice may be dispensed with, in which case the animal may be disposed of by the poundmaster after the same has been impounded for seven (7) days. No disposition shall be made to other than the owner until the lapse of seven (7) days following notification.
   G.   Humanely destroy any cat or dog which has been impounded for seven (7) days or more after being picked up and impounded by the poundmaster. Notice will be put in the local paper that said animal has been impounded and it will be destroyed if not claimed by the lawful owner. (Ord. 1209, 5-11-2009)