Permanent business structures from which safe and sane fireworks are to be sold shall be subject to the following provisions:
   A.   All such buildings shall meet the structural stability requirements of the building regulations of the city and all lighting circuits and other electrical equipment shall meet the requirements of the electrical regulations of the city 1 .
   B.   The building shall have exit doors at least thirty inches (30") wide at both ends of the structure and shall otherwise conform to the exit regulations established by the city building regulations for structures of the size and nature of said building. All doors shall open outward and all doorways shall be kept free and clear from all supplies and materials at all times. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967)
   C.   Each building shall be provided with such number of fire extinguishers as the fire chief of the city shall deem adequate, but in all cases the number shall be not less than two (2). The fire extinguishers shall be extinguishers approved by the fire chief. The fire extinguishers shall be in good working order, easily accessible for use in case of fire and kept in immediate proximity to the location where the fireworks are retailed. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967; amd. 1987 Code)
   D.   "No smoking" signs shall be prominently displayed adjacent to the display area.
   E.   No person shall allow any rubbish to accumulate, or permit a fire nuisance to exist in or around the area where fireworks are sold. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967)
   F.   If fireworks are stored, they shall only be stored in such places as are approved for storage of fireworks by the fire chief. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967; amd. 1987 Code)
   G.   No building where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises shall be used for the retail sale of safe and sane fireworks. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967)
   H.   The fire chief may establish other regulations for permanent structures where fireworks are to be sold so long as said regulations are reasonably necessary to protect the public health, safety or morals and apply uniformly to all applicants. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967; amd. 1987 Code)



1. See section 4-2-1 of this code.