§ 305.01  ESTABLISHED.
   There is hereby adopted and established a Traffic Control Map for the city, which Map shall show at all times current designations of:
   (A)   Through streets;
   (B)   Stop intersections;
   (C)   Yield right-of-way intersections;
   (D)   One-way streets and lanes;
   (E)   Traffic control signals;
   (F)   Truck routes in addition to designated state and federal highways; and
   (G)   No parking zones.
('71 Code, § 305.01)  (Ord. 214, passed 10-27-69)
Statutory reference:
   Authority to establish no parking zones, see W. V. Code § 17C-2-8(1)
   Authority to designate one-way streets, see W. V. Code § 17C-2-8(4)
   Authority to designate through streets and stop intersections, see W. V. Code § 17C-2-8(6)
   Authority to place traffic control devices, see W. V. Code § 17C-3-3
   Authority to establish truck routes, see W. V. Code § 17C-17-12