(A)   When requested or petitioned, the Village Council may agree to extend any water supply or sewerage system. The financing of any such additions or extensions may be provided by revenue bonds issued in full compliance with the terms of existing bond resolutions and trust agreements; special assessments, levied against benefitted properties; general obligation revenues bonds; the Replacement and Improvement Fund or surplus funds; cash payments by benefitted property owners; or some combinations of the above, as determined by the Village Council.
   (B)   The village, upon application by an individual, organization, or agency of private enterprise, may, by resolution, grant permission to such individual, organization, or agency to construct, at its cost, water supply or sewerage improvements by private contract under the supervision of the Village Engineer, as discussed in §§ 50.080 through 50.087.
   (C)   All water supply or sewerage systems, or extensions thereof, shall be constructed in accordance with the detail plans and specifications prepared by a professional engineer and approved by the Village Engineer.
   (D)   All water supply or sewerage systems, or extensions thereof, shall be constructed across the property to which service is to be provided in all situations where further extensions are possible in the future.
   (E)   Connections to the water supply or sewerage systems shall not be permitted until:
      (1)   Construction of the sanitary sewer or water system is completed and approved by the village, and maintenance bond is posted;
      (2)   Verification of “as-built” locations, alignments, depths, and grades of all new public water and sanitary sewers is provided; and
      (3)   As-built reproducible drawings must be submitted within two months of first connection being made to the water or sewerage systems.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999