Costs incurred in the performance of emergency work may be paid from the treasury of the village on approval of the Code Official, subject with compliance with Village Charter and ordinance requirements as to making contracts or financial commitments on behalf of the village. The legal counsel of the village may institute appropriate action against the owner of the premises where the unsafe structure is or was located for the recovery of such costs. The costs of such emergency work to correct hazardous conditions shall be certified by the Finance Director of the village to the County Auditor as a tax lien upon the premises in the manner provided in R.C. § 715.261. Based on the emergency nature of such costs, notice to owners and lien holders of the emergency work may be given by other than that prescribed in §§ 154.060 through 154.065, or may be dispensed with entirely. If no advance notice at all is given, however, the lien authorized by R.C. § 715.261 for such costs shall be subordinate to any liens of prior record.
(Ord. 2004-038, passed 12-20-2004)