Where a subdivision is proposed to be located in an area identified as a wellhead protection area in the Zoning Code of the village, or in which there are existing water wells within 300 feet of proposed sanitary sewers, the applicant shall provide a wellhead protection plan and data sufficient for the Planning Commission to determine the potential impact of the installation of underground utilities within the subdivision on the water table servicing the wells. The Village Engineer shall determine if a high probability for impact exists. If so, the Planning Commission may require that an approved barrier method be placed on underground lines in such locations as the Village Engineer shall designate to control the impact. Furthermore, the village may require wellhead protection easements, groundwater monitoring, and other protective actions in accordance with the wellhead protection provisions of the Zoning Code of the village (see § 153.178 of these codified ordinances).
(Ord. 96-106, passed 3-20-1996)