A.   Requirements For License: Every application for issuance of a residential waste hauling and garbage collection license shall be in accordance with the following requirements and standards:
      1.   Every applicant must demonstrate that he has adequate and sufficient equipment, personnel and financial responsibility to render service to any customer requesting it and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter;
      2.   Every applicant must agree to provide the range of service options established by the Village and to serve any resident of the Village requesting and paying for any of said service options;
      3.   Every applicant must agree both to permit the Village to review his rate structure and to provide the Village with financial records and statements as may be required for the purpose of establishing and maintaining fair rates to each class of customer and to provide for adequate and sanitary collection;
      4.   Every licensee shall carry public liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) each person and one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) each accident bodily injury liability plus a minimum of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) of property damage insurance, and workers' compensation for his employees as required by the workers' compensation and occupation diseases statutes of the State naming the Village as an additional insured thereunder;
      5.   Every licensee shall agree to hold harmless and indemnify, and shall defend the Village and its employees, officials and agents against any and all claims, losses, injury, damages, suits, demands, actions and causes of actions, expenses, fees and costs arising out of its operations within the Village;
      6.   In the event a duly licensed waste disposal firm violates any provisions of this chapter, the Village shall have the right, in addition to enforcing against such firm the penalties hereinafter provided, to revoke the license of such waste disposal firm; and the President and Board of Trustees reserve the right to deny any applicant a license if any reasonable doubt exists as to the applicant's reasonable compliance with subsection A1 through A6 of this section, inclusive.
   B.   License Issued: The Village Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to issue licenses to garbage collectors and waste haulers for residential solid waste, garbage and refuse collection and waste hauling upon application therefor and payment of the license fee prescribed herein, upon meeting the requirements of subsection A of this section. (Ord. 95-19, 10-17-1995)
   C.   License Fee: The annual license fee for residential waste hauling and garbage collection is hereby established at two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). In the event the President and Board of Trustees issue any franchise(s) as provided in subsection 4-1-2C of this chapter, within the first six (6) months of the annual license term, the holder of any license terminated thereby shall be eligible for a fifty percent (50%) refund of the license fee paid. From and after the effective date of any franchise(s), the number of licenses authorized shall be equal to the number of franchises issued. (Ord. 10-20, 10-5-2010)