(a)   Establishment; Powers. There is hereby established in and for the City an Electrical Appeal Board. Such Board shall have the power to make rules and regulations, subject to the approval of Council, make investigations and conduct hearings and appeals. Such rules and regulations shall take precedence over the Michigan Electrical Code adopted by reference in Section 1412.04.
(Ord. 11.  Passed 4-21-64; Ord. 2001-12.  Passed 6-5-01; Ord. 2008-08.  Passed 11-18-08.)
   (b)   Membership. The Board shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by Council. These five members shall consist of the Building Official of the City; a representative of an electrical utility company; a licensed industrial electrician; a licensed journeyman electrician; and a licensed electrical contractor. The Building Official shall act as Secretary of the Board.
(Adopting Ordinance)
   (c)   Qualifications of Members. The members of the Board shall be qualified in the knowledge of the mechanics of electrical equipment, its construction and installation.
   (d)   Terms of Office. The original appointments to the Board shall be made within thirty days of the effective date of this section (Ordinance 11, passed April 21, 1964) and the appointments shall be for terms of three years each ending on the first Tuesday in July of the third year after appointment, except that in the original instance two members shall be appointed for terms expiring on the first Tuesday in July of 1965, two members for terms expiring on the same date in 1966 and one member for the term expiring on the same date in 1967.
   (e)   Right of Appeal. If any person desires to appeal to the Board from any decision, order or ruling of the Electrical Inspection Authority on any matter under this chapter, such appeal shall be made in writing and filed with the Secretary of the Board, provided that such appeal is taken within ten days after the decision, order or ruling complained of. Except in case of emergency, such appeal shall act as a stay of any decision, ruling or order until either approved, modified or set aside by the Board.
   (f)   Notice of Appeal. Where giving notice of a hearing of appeal is not otherwise provided for herein, the Secretary of the Board shall give notice to all interested parties at least ten days before the date of such hearing, either by personal service or registered mail, return receipt requested, and the hearing shall be held at such time and place in the City as may be provided in such notice. Proof of service of such notice shall be made and filed with the Board prior to the hearing.
   (g)   Substitution of Materials or Mode of Procedure. When it is impossible for a licensee under this chapter, or an owner, to obtain the materials specified for use in this chapter because of any national emergency, or when it is undesirable to use the materials specified because of new improvements or discoveries, or when it is impractical or would lead to unnecessary hardship for a licensee to follow the method of installation prescribed by this chapter, the Board, at its discretion, in specific cases, may approve any material proposed as a substitute for those mentioned in this chapter, and it may, at its discretion, approve any method of installation as a substitute for that prescribed.
   (h)   Findings of Board Final. On all questions of fact, the determinations of the Board shall be final.
(Ord. 11.  Passed 4-21-64.)