(a)   Required. Any person desiring to install, alter or repair any wiring in existing buildings, or to install wiring in any building for the placing of any electrical lights, motors, heating devices or any apparatus requiring the use of electrical current, shall obtain a permit therefor, and no alterations shall be made in the wiring of any building after inspection approval without first notifying the Electrical Inspection Authority and obtaining a permit therefor. This section shall not apply to such minor repair work as repairing flush and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bare joints or repairing drop cords.
   (b)   Issuance. Permits shall be issued only to:
      (1)   Licensed electrical contractors;
      (2)   A bona fide owner of a single-family residence which is, or will be on completion, his or her own place of residence, and no part of which is used for rental or commercial purposes, or is now contemplated for such purposes, provided that the owner applies for and obtains a permit, pays the fee, does the work himself or herself in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, applies for inspections and receives approval thereof from the Electrical Inspection Authority. Failure to comply with these requirements will subject the owner's permit to cancellation.
      (3)   Any person employing as a full-time electrician, a licensed electrical Master, to actively supervise the installation of electrical equipment on premises owned or occupied and used by the applicant in the conduct of his or her business, and at which premises the licensed electrician performs his or her duties, provided that such licensed Master electrician has held his or her license for at least two full years, and provided, further, that an affidavit form furnished by the Electrical Inspection Authority is signed by both the employer and the licensed Master. This affidavit is to be kept on file in the offices of the Electrical Inspection Authority and shall contain the following:
         A.   The name and business address of the person employing the licensed Master electrician;
         B.   The name, address and current license number of the licensed Master electrician;
         C.   The license number of previous years, to establish the holding of a license for at least two years; and
         D.   A statement to the effect that the employer and licensed Master electrician will comply with the provisions of this chapter regulating installation of electrical equipment in the City. A new affidavit must be filed before permits will be issued if the licensed Master electrician terminates his or her employment. 
(Ord. 2010-11.  Passed 12-21-10.)
   (c)   Expiration. Every permit issued by the Electrical Inspection Authority or his or her authorized assistants under the provisions of this chapter shall expire by limitation and become null and void if the work authorized by such permit is not commenced within sixty days from the date of such permit, or if the work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the work is commenced for a period of sixty days. Before such work can be recommenced, a new permit shall be first obtained to do so, and the fee therefor shall be one-half the amount required for a new permit for such work, provided that no changes have been made, will be made or are required to be made by the Electrical Inspection Authority in the original plans and specifications for such work, and provided, further, that such suspension or abandonment has not exceeded one year. All re-issued permits must comply with new requirements, ordinances and fee changes.
(Ord. 11.  Passed 4-21-64.)
   (d)   Starting Work Without Permit. Whoever commences any installation or alteration of wiring, for which a permit is required by this chapter, without first having obtained such permit, shall, if legally authorized and subsequently allowed to obtain a permit, pay double the permit fee specified in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code for such installation or alteration, provided that a notice has been sent or issued by the enforcing officer to the person commencing such installation or alteration.
(Ord. 11-A-2.  Passed 6-2-70.)
   (e)   Fees.
      (1)   Fees for electrical permits and inspections shall be as set forth in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code - the Uniform Fee Schedule.
(Adopting Ordinance)
      (2)   Fees shall be paid to the City Treasurer at the time a permit is issued for the work described in the amount stated. However, if any permit does not describe all of the work which has been done or is being done, the Electrical Inspector is hereby authorized to order the permittee to obtain a permit and pay the additional prescribed fee covering such work. For new buildings no electrical permit shall be issued unless a building permit has been theretofor issued and has not expired.
(Ord. 11-A-2.  Passed 6-2-70.)