As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Arcade" means an establishment where five or more mechanical or electronic amusement devices are kept or displayed for public patronage or operation or, in the case of an establishment that has been issued a Class C Liquor License or a club license by the State Liquor Commission, where seven such devices are so kept or displayed, provided that an arcade constitutes a principal use under the Zoning Code of the City. Music boxes or juke boxes shall not be considered in the determination of the number of mechanical or electronic amusement devices constituting an arcade.
(Ord. 1992-16.  Passed 4-21-92.)
   (b)   "Mechanical or electronic amusement device" means any single machine, device or contrivance which is permitted to function by the insertion of a card, slug, token, plate or disc, or by rental and is operated for amusement only, and which does not dispense any form of monetary payoff or award. "Mechanical or electronic amusement device" includes a video game, pinball game, foosball and any other such coin or token-operated device, all billiard tables and bowling alleys. "Mechanical or electronic amusement device" does not include a juke box, music box or any game of chance by which it is possible to obtain a payoff, monetary prize or monetary award.
(Ord. 58.  Passed 2-18-82; Ord. 2001-14.  Passed 6-5-01.)