Every materials recovery operator shall prepare and deliver to the Chief of Police, on Monday of each week, before 12:00 noon, a legible and correct copy from the ledger required by Section 832.12, containing a description of each article purchased or received during the preceding week, the hour and the day when the purchase was made and a description of the person from whom it was purchased. Such statement shall be verified by the affidavit of the person subscribing his or her name thereto. However, nothing in this section shall require retention of articles purchased from persons having a fixed place of business.
(Ord. 9-A-3.  Passed 12-5-67; Ord. 1992-15.  Passed 4-21-92; Ord. 2001-01.  Passed 1-2-01; Ord. 2007-01.  Passed 1-2-07.)