The articles purchased or exchanged, as provided in this chapter, shall be retained by the purchaser thereof, for at least fifteen days before disposing of them, in an accessible place in the premises where such articles are purchased and received. A tag shall be attached to such articles in some visible and convenient place, with the number written thereupon, to correspond with the entry number in the goods ledger. However, nothing in this section shall require retention of articles purchased from a person having a fixed place of business or proper identification, such as a drivers license, Michigan I.D. card, Social Security number or motor vehicle license.  This section shall not apply to motor vehicles accompanied by a valid certificate of title issued by the Secretary of State which has been transferred to a materials recovery operator by a properly authenticated signature. 
(Ord. 1988-12.  Passed 6-7-88; Ord. 2001-01.  Passed 1-2-01.)