(a)   No license issued under this chapter shall be suspended by Council, except for cause shown at a hearing before Council.
   (b)   Any licensee against whom charges are preferred shall be entitled to a copy of such charges, reasonable notice of the time set for hearing and representation by counsel.
   (c)   The following reasons are hereby declared to be sufficient grounds for suspension of a license granted under this chapter:
      (1)   Facts showing that the applicant for a license made one or more fraudulent statements or concealed material information in the application for the license;
      (2)   Facts showing that the licensee violated or permitted a violation of this chapter, or that the licensee has carried on or permitted to be carried on any unlawful act in connection with the licensed premises.
   Upon receipt of such charges the City Clerk shall forthwith suspend the license and advise the licensee. Any member of the Police Department is authorized to deliver such notice of suspension to the licensee or person in charge of the licensed premises and to remove therefrom and deliver to the Clerk such license.
   (d)   If, upon hearing, Council finds that such suspension was for any violation of law or this chapter, such license shall be revoked, but if Council finds the charges for which such license was suspended are not sustained by the proofs, such license shall be reinstated by Council. The determination of Council of any question of fact shall be final.
   (e)   A conviction of violation of any provision of this chapter shall, ipso facto, revoke the license of any person licensed under this chapter.
(Ord. 9.  Passed 2-18-64; Ord. 2007-01.  Passed 1-2-07.)