An application for the license required by this chapter shall be made to the City Clerk on forms provided for that purpose. Such application shall be made in the name of the person proposing to operate the materials recovery facility  to be licensed and shall show the name and residence and business address of each owner or part-owner of the materials recovery facility sought to be licensed, including the name, address and legal signatures of the owners of the property on which the materials recovery facility is sought to be located and operated, and, if either the applicant or the property owner is a corporation, firm, partnership or association, the application shall also state the names and addresses of all shareholders, officers, partners, directors and resident agents, together with the respective occupation of each. The application shall also contain or be accompanied by the following information, plans and documents:
   (a)   A legal and common description of the property to be used for materials recovery facility purposes;
   (b)   The existing zoning classification of the premises;
   (c)   A fingerprint record of the applicant and each member and officer of the corporation, firm, partnership or association; and
   (d)   A description of the type of activity to be conducted.
(Ord. 9.  Passed 2-18-64; Ord. 2001-01.  Passed 1-2-01.)