Rooftop antenna facilities shall be allowed as a special use in the R-5 Multifamily High-Rise Residential District, or B-4 Business Intensive District which has a current use of an R-5 District, as a special use subject to the provisions of this section:
   (a)   The rooftop antenna shall not extend more than 12 feet from the highest point of the structure (excluding the penthouse);
   (b)   The rooftop antenna facility shall comply with all applicable FCC and FAA regulations;
   (c)   The rooftop antenna shall not cover more than 30% of the total surface area of the rooftop;
   (d)   The rooftop antenna shall be set back at least eight feet from the edge of the roof line;
   (e)   The rooftop antenna may be affixed to a penthouse or parapet, provided it meets the other conditions of this section;
   (f)   The rooftop antenna shall not be affixed to the sides of the building;
   (g)   There shall not be more than two individual service carriers permitted to construct a rooftop antenna facility per structure;
   (h)   That all necessary hardware shall be contained on the rooftop;
   (i)   That all structures and surfaces attached hereto shall be structurally sound and verified by a certified structural engineer.
(Ord. 2004-03.  Passed 6-15-04.)