(a)   Seizure of Animals.  It shall be the duty of the Police Division to employ all proper means to enforce this chapter, including the seizing and impounding of all animals found running at large or kept contrary to this chapter.  The Division may, in its discretion, issue a notice of violation to the owner of an animal found in violation of this chapter.
   (b)   Notice of Impounding.  Whenever an animal wearing a proper license has been impounded, the Division shall forthwith notify the licensee, by mail or otherwise, at the address appearing upon the application for the license, of such impoundment.  Such notice shall be provided within two business days of such impoundment.
   (c)   Release of Impounded Animals; Fees.  The owner of an impounded animal shall be liable to the City for the costs of impoundment.  Subject to the provisions of Section 610.08, no animal shall be released from the pound unless the owner or the person entitled to demand the animal impounded pays to the City Clerk or to the animal control officer the following:
      (1)   Such sums as are set forth in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code; and
      (2)   Any other expenses incurred by the City by reason of such impoundment, including, but not limited to, veterinarian fees.  In addition, prior to release, in the case of an impounded dog, such owner or person entitled to demand an impounded dog shall exhibit a license for such dog issued as required by this chapter.  In the case of a cat, such owner or person entitled to demand an impounded cat shall exhibit a certification that such cat has been vaccinated for rabies as required by this chapter.
   (d)   Records.  The animal control officer shall keep a careful record of all animals received by him or her, with a description thereof and an indication of the disposition of the same, and shall file with the City Clerk on the first day of each month a report showing the number of animals impounded during the previous month, the disposition of the same and a statement of all moneys paid into the Treasury by him or her during such month.
(Ord. 1988-11.  Passed 6-7-88.)
   (e)   Disposing of Animals.  Subject to subsection (c) hereof and Section 610.08, all animals not claimed and released within seven days after notification to the owner of such animal shall be disposed of by the animal control officer in a humane manner.  However, if, in the judgment of the Chief of Police or his or her designate, an animal is valuable, such animal may be sold at such time and place as determined by the Chief or his or her designate.  If the animal control officer finds an animal suffering or being kept in an inhumane manner, such person shall remove or cause to be removed such animal to a safe place for care at the owner’s expense, if the owner can be identified, or shall dispose of such animal in accordance with this chapter.
(Ord. 1989-01.  Passed 2-7-89; Ord. 1992-15.  Passed 4-21-92; Ord. 2005-24.  Passed 5-17-05; Ord. 2008-09.  Passed 11-18-08.)