(a)   Purpose.  The purpose of this section is to require that prevailing wage and fringe benefits be paid on contracts involving City projects costing in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), to establish the requirements and responsibilities of bidders and to provide penalties for violations thereof.
   (b)   Definitions. As used in this section:
      (1)   "Construction mechanic" means a skilled or unskilled mechanic, including a heavy equipment operator, laborer, worker, helper, assistant or apprentice working on a City project, but shall not include an executive, administrative, professional, office or custodial employee.
      (2)   "City project" means new construction, alteration, repair, installation, painting, decorating, completion, demolition, conditioning, reconditioning or improvement of public buildings, works or roads authorized by a contracting agent.
      (3)   "Contracting agent" means any officer, board or commission of the City, or a City institution supported in whole or in part by City funds, authorized to enter into a contract for a City project or to perform a City project by the direct employment of labor.
   (c)   Contracts to Contain Wages and Benefits.  Every contract executed between a contracting agent and a successful bidder as contractor, and entered into pursuant to an advertisement and invitation to bid for that City project which requires or involves the employment of construction mechanics, and which is financed, in whole or in part, by the City, shall contain benefits to be paid to each class of mechanics by the bidder and all of his or her subcontractors, subcontractors and the same shall be not less than the rate established by the most recent survey of the Michigan Department of Labor for prevailing wage determination under Act 166 of the Public Acts of 1965, as amended.
   (d)   Specifications to Contain Wages and Benefits.  A schedule of the prevailing wage and fringe benefits for all classes of construction mechanics called for in a contract shall be made a part of the specifications for the work to be performed and shall be included by reference in the contract.
   (e)   Posting.  Every contractor and subcontractor shall keep posted in a conspicuous place on the construction site a copy of all prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates prescribed by the contract and shall keep accurate records showing the name and occupation of, and actual wages and benefits paid to, each construction mechanic employed by him or her in connection with such contract.  The record shall be made available on demand for inspection by the contracting agent of the City.  If there is not an office or temporary headquarters of the company performing the work, then the contractor shall be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of this section by having on file with the Department of Public Services the above required information.
   (f)      Violators Prohibited From Bidding.  Any person, firm or corporation, or combination thereof, who or which violates this section shall be prohibited from bidding on any City project for a period of three years, in addition to the penalty provided in Section 209.99.
(Ord. 1992-31.  Passed 7-21-92.)