The following animals may be kept in the city:
   (A)   The keeping of house pets is a permitted use in all zoning districts.
   (B)   The keeping of horses or domestic livestock is a permitted use in Residential-Agriculture (RA) zoning districts only provided:
      (1)   The minimum lot size is ten acres.
      (2)   The number of horses or domestic livestock does not exceed one per two acres unless a higher number is granted by the issuance of an interim use permit.
   (C)   The keeping of farm animals is an allowed activity on all farm property.  Farm animals may not be confined in a pen, feedlot or building within 100 feet of any residential dwelling not owned or leased by the farmer.
   (D)   With the exception of the keeping of animals allowed by divisions (A) through (C), no other animals are allowed except by interim use permit as regulated under the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.
   (E)   Animals may only be kept for commercial purposes if authorized in the zoning district where the animals are located.
   (F)   Animals may not be kept if they cause a nuisance or endanger the health or safety of the community.
   (G)   Animal enclosures shall be subject to the accessory structure requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.
(Ord. 04-04, passed 11-9-04)
   Permitted uses, see § 153.041