(a)   The City hereby adopts a policy of requiring each competitively bid contract it awards to be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsible bidder, in accordance with Ohio R.C. 9.312. The criteria used to determine responsive ness and responsibility of a competitive bid submitted shall be as follows:
   (b)   Any potential bidder shall be deemed responsive if the bidder’s proposal responds to bid specifications in all material respects and contains no irregularities or deviations from the specifications which would affect the amount of the bid or otherwise give the bidder a competitive advantage. The factors that the City shall consider in determining whether a bidder on the contract is responsible include:
      (1)   Experience of the bidder;
      (2)   The bidder’s financial condition;
      (3)   Conduct and performance on previous contracts;
      (4)   The contractor’s facilities;
      (5)   The contractor’s management skills;
      (6)   The contractor’s ability to execute the contract properly.
         (Ord. 38-2005. Passed 6-7-05.)