The Owner/Developer has the option of constructing the public improvements associated with the subdivision either prior to final plat approval or following final plat approval as described below.
   (a)    Construction Prior to Final Plat Approval. The Owner/Developer may proceed with the construction of the planned public improvements prior to filing a final plat provided the Council has approved the Preliminary Plat in accordance with Section 1168.10 and following providing maintenance surety/bonding as per Section 1169.08 (b).
   (b)    Construction Following Final Plat Approval. If the public improvements associated with the Plat are not completed at the time of Final Plat presentation, the Owner/Developer shall submit to the Director a performance bond and a maintenance bond both certified in accordance with Section 1169.08.
      (Ord. 65-2015.  Passed 11-2-15.)