(a)   “Private swimming pool” means any in-ground or above-ground swimming, wading or other uncovered facility having more than one and one-half feet of water depth and having a surface area of 100 square feet or more.
   (b)   “Hot tub” means a device with the capability of heating and/or circulating water in which one or more people soak having a surface area of at least sixteen square feet.
   (c)   No private swimming pool or hot tub shall be located in any district of the City except as an accessory use to a residence and unless it complies with the following conditions and requirements:
      (1)   The pool or tub is intended and is used solely for the enjoyment of the occupant and guests of the principal user of the property upon which it is located; and
      (2)   The pool or tub is not located in the front yard; and
      (3)   The location of the pool or tub complies with Section 1151.10; and
      (4)   The pool or tub or the entire yard in which either is located shall be fenced in accordance with Section 1151.05, with a minimum height of four feet, so as to prevent uncontrolled access by children from the street or adjacent properties.
   (d)   No person shall install a swimming pool or hot tub in an outdoor location until a zoning permit has been issued by the Zoning Administrator, who shall review each request to determine its compliance with these regulations.
(Ord.  31-95.  Passed 8-1-95.)