The following shall not be considered to be obstructions when located in the required yards specified:
   (a)   All yards.  In all yards:
      Open terraces not over four feet above the average level of the adjoining ground but not including a permanently roofed-over terrace or porch;
      Awnings and canopies;
      Steps, four feet or less above grade, which are necessary for access to a permitted building or for access to a zoning lot from a street or alley;
      Chimneys projecting eighteen inches or less into the yard;
      Recreational and laundry-drying equipment;
      Arbors, trellises and flag poles;
      Open mesh-type fences having a height of six feet or less may be used to located property lines within the required side or rear yards in the residential districts;
      Fences, walls or lattice-work screens which form outside living rooms or provide necessary privacy for swimming pools or other activities, and are actual projections from the bearing walls of existing dwellings, may be extended into either the side or the rear yard but not both yards where the fence, wall or screen has not less than fifty percent of the surface open or is a vertical type of louvered fence, which can prevent free movement of air from one or more directions and yet have more than fifty percent of its surface open when viewed on an angle from two directions, provided that:
      (1)   The projection shall not prohibit the erection of an open mesh-type fence over six feet in height enclosing an elementary or high school site; and
      (2)   This projection shall not limit the height, type or location of a fence, wall or other structures which are located within the buildable area exclusive of the side or rear yards of the property.
   (b)   Front Yards.  In front yards:
      One-story bay windows projecting three feet or less into the yard; and
      Overhanging eaves and gutters projecting three feet or less into the yard.
   (c)   Rear Yards.  In rear yards:
      Enclosed, attached or detached off-street parking spaces, open off-street parking spaces;
      Accessory sheds, tool rooms, and similar buildings or structures for domestic or agricultural storage;
      Breezeways and open porches;
      One-story bay windows projecting three feet or less into the yard;
      Overhanging eaves and gutters projecting three feet or less into the yard;
      In any residential district, no accessory building shall be nearer than five feet to the side lot line nor nearer than ten feet to any principal building unattached.
   (d)   Side Yards.  In side yards:
      Attached carports may be built to within four inches of a side line providing there is no building within four feet on the adjoining property;
      Overhanging eaves and gutters projecting into the yard for a distance not exceeding forty percent of the required yard width, but in no case exceeding thirty inches.
      (Ord.  10-16-67.  Passed 11-20-67.)