(a)    The Mayor is hereby designated as the official responsible for the administration and enforcement of this Zoning Ordinance.
   (b)    With the approval of Council, the Mayor may appoint a Zoning Administrator to assist in the administration and enforcement of this Zoning Ordinance whose duties shall be to:
      (1)    Issue a Certificate of Zoning Compliance when these regulations have been complied with in all respects;
      (2)    Collect the designated fees as set forth in this Zoning Ordinance for Certificates of Zoning Compliance;
      (3)    Make and keep all records necessary and appropriate to the office, including record of the issuance or denial of all Certificates of Zoning Compliance and of receipts of complaints of violations of this Zoning Ordinance that have been committed or exist;
      (4)    Review any building or land to determine whether any violation of this Zoning Ordinance has been committed or exists;
      (5)    Enforce this Zoning Ordinance and take all necessary steps to remedy any condition found in violation by ordering in writing, the discontinuance of illegal uses or illegal work in progress, and request, if necessary the City Law Director (with the Mayor's consent) to commence appropriate action;
      (6)    Keep the Municipal Planning Commission advised of all matters pertaining to appeals or variances and transmit all applications and records pertaining thereto.
(Ord. 24-85. Passed 7-1-85.)