1105.03 SCOPE.
   (a)    Changes in Structures or Use. Except as may otherwise be provided in Chapter 1153 , all buildings erected hereafter, all uses of land or buildings established hereafter, all structural alterations or relocation of existing buildings occurring hereafter, and all enlargements of or additions to existing uses occurring hereafter shall be subject to all regulations of this Zoning Ordinance which are applicable to the zoning districts in which such buildings, uses or land are located.
   (b)    Nonconforming Buildings, Structures and Uses. Any lawful building, structure or use existing at the time of the enactment of this section (Ordinance 10-16-67, passed November 20, 1967) may be continued, even though such building, structure or use does not conform to the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance for the district in which it is located, and whenever a district is changed hereafter, the then existing lawful use may be continued, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1153 .
   (c)    Building Permits. Where a building permit for a building or structure has been issued in accordance with law prior to the effective date of this section (Ordinance 10-16-67, passed November 20, 1967), and provided that construction is begun within ninety days of such effective date and diligently prosecuted to completion, the building or structure may be completed in accordance with the approved plans on the basis of which the building permit has been issued, and further may, upon completion, be occupied under a certificate of occupancy by the use for which originally designated, subject thereafter to the provisions of Chapter 1153 .
(Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)