(a)   Except as otherwise indicated in this chapter, all property located in the following designated Design Review Districts shall be subject to the design review criteria and standards of this chapter and additional guidelines as may be applicable in each district.  The following Design Review Districts are hereby established:
      (1)   Pride Wauseon Preservation District.  There is hereby established the Pride Wauseon Preservation District.  This Design Review District shall include all the properties set forth in the Pride Wauseon Preservation District Map.  The Map, adopted by Resolution No. 1988-16, and attached thereto as Appendix A, is adopted and made a part of this Code by reference, the same as if set out at length herein.  The  Design Guidelines for this Design Review District, adopted by Resolution No. 1989-4, and attached thereto as Exhibit A, are adopted and made a part of this Code by reference, the same as if set out at length herein.
       (b)     Additional Design Review Districts may be established and designated by City Council under separate Ordinance.  The designation of such areas shall be made by the Council after obtaining a recommendation from any existing Design Review Board, and holding a public hearing.  Prior to that hearing, notification shall be given to all property owners within the proposed district.
   (c)     City Council may expand any Design Review District upon receipt of a petition by any adjacent property owner requesting inclusion in such District, and recommendation for same by the respective Design Review Board.  Such expansion by petition of the affected property owners may occur without the public hearing required under Section 1303.04( b).
(Ord. 2013-4.  Passed 8-19-13.)