(a)   There is hereby established a Board of Zoning and Building Appeals as provided in Section 7.03 of the Charter.
   (b)   All requests for a permit shall be submitted to the issuing authority in writing.
   (c)   Written appeals shall be made to the Board within twenty (20) days after refusal of the Municipal staff to issue a permit.  Appeals shall specify the grounds thereof, setting forth the material subject matter sufficiently to identify the matters involved in the appeal.
   (d)   The Board shall hold a public hearing on each appeal and shall send a notice of the public hearing to the appellant and to all property owners contiguous to the property that is the subject of the appeal not less than ten (10) calendar days in advance of the date of the public hearing.  The notice shall be sent to the addresses of the contiguous property owners as they appear on the current tax list of the Lucas County Auditor or the mailing list of the Lucas  County Treasurer.
   (e)   Each appeal received by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals shall be acted upon within thirty (30) days of the initial receipt of the appeal by the Municipality.  Failure of the Board to act within such period of time may at any time thereafter be construed by the appellant as denial thereof, for purposes of further appeal.
(Ord. 02-08.  Passed 3-10-08.)
   (f)   The Board may adopt, amend and enforce such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary or desirable to carry on its functions and provide for the enforcement of the resolutions, ordinances, regulations, measures and orders of administrative officials or agencies governing zoning and building in the Municipality in accordance with the purpose and intent hereof. 
(Ord. 28-08.  Passed 9-8-08.)