Home occupations permitted in Section 1149.04 shall not in any event be deemed to include:
   (a)   Animal hospitals.  Clinics or grooming services, kennels, stables, or other animal boarding or service activities.
   (b)   Barber shops or beauty parlors;
   (c)   Hospitals or professional clinics, medical or otherwise;
      (Ord. 33-93.  Passed 7-25-94.)
   (d)   Dancing or nursery schools for more than three nonresident children or child care services for more than the maximum number of children specified in Chapter 5104 of the Ohio Revised Code for a “Type B family day-care home”.
      (Ord. 09-11.  Passed 3-14-11.)
   (e)   Private or semi-private clubs or restaurants;
   (f)   Trailer, motor vehicle or large equipment rental, sales or service;
   (g)   Gift shops.  (Ord. 33-93.  Passed 7-25-94.)