(a)   It shall be the duty of the Zoning Inspector to enforce this Zoning Code. Appeal from an action or decision of the Zoning Inspector may be made to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals as provided in Section 1147.02.
   (b)   It shall be the duty of all officers and employees of the City and especially of all members of the Police Division to assist the Zoning Inspector by reporting to him upon new construction, reconstruction or land uses and apparent violations of this Zoning Code.
   (c)   In case any building or structure is erected, constructed, reconstructed, relocated, altered, repaired, converted or maintained, or any building, structure or land is used in violation of this Zoning Code, the City, in addition to any other remedies provided for herein, may institute such action or proceedings as are authorized by law to prevent and enjoin such unlawful erection, construction, reconstruction, relocation, alteration, conversion, maintenance or use, or to correct or abate such violation, or to prevent the occupancy of such building, structure or land.
   (d)   Nothing contained in this Zoning Code shall require any change in the plans, construction, size or designated use of a building, structure or part thereof for which a building permit has been granted or for which a complete application with the necessary plans and specifications has been filed with the Municipal Administrator before the enactment or amendment of this Zoning Code and the construction of which, according to such permit or plans and specifications, shall have been started within ninety days of the enactment of this Zoning Code or such amendment.  If any of the above requirements shall not have been fulfilled within the time stated above or if any building operations are discontinued for a period of ninety days, any further construction shall be in conformity with the provisions of this Zoning Code.
   (e)   Any person aggrieved by the requirements or enforcement of this Zoning Code shall have an appeal to the County court having jurisdiction, but only after such person has exhausted all appeals and remedies provided by this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 431.  Passed 9-4-63.)