At the time of its adoption, this Charter shall be in effect to the extent necessary in order that the first election of members of the municipal Council may be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. The first municipal election shall be held on the 7th of November, 1967.
   This Charter shall be in full effect for all purposes on and after the date and time of the first meeting of the newly elected Council, as provided in Section 11.05 of this Charter.
   On the first Wednesday of January following the first election of Council members under this Charter, the newly elected members of Council shall meet at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Hall:
   (a)    For the purpose of electing the Vice-Mayor, appointing or considering the appointment of a Municipal Administrator or acting Municipal Administrator, and choosing, if it so desires, one of its members to act as temporary clerk pending appointment of a Clerk of Council pursuant to Article III of this Charter.
   (b)    For the purpose of adopting ordinances and resolutions necessary to effect the transition of government under this Charter and to maintain effective municipal government during that transition.
   In adopting ordinances as provided in this section, Council shall follow the procedures prescribed in Article III , except that at its first meeting or any meeting held within sixty (60) days thereafter, Council may adopt temporary ordinances to deal with cases in which there is an urgent need for prompt action in connection with the transition of government and in which the delay incident to the appropriate ordinance procedure would probably cause serious hardship or impairment of effective municipal government. Every temporary ordinance shall be plainly labeled as such but shall be introduced in the form and manner prescribed for ordinances generally. A temporary ordinance may be considered and may be adopted with or without amendment or rejected at the meeting at which it is introduced. After adoption of a temporary ordinance, Council shall cause it to be printed and published as prescribed for other adopted ordinances. A temporary ordinance shall become effective upon adoption or at such later time preceding automatic repeal under this section as it may specify, and the referendum power shall not extend to any such ordinance. Every temporary ordinance, including any amendments made thereto after adoption, shall automatically stand repealed ninety-one (91) days following the date on which it was adopted, and it shall not be readopted, renewed, or otherwise continued except by adoption in the manner prescribed in Article III for ordinances of the kind concerned.
   The initial expenses of the Municipality, including the expense of recruiting a Municipal Administrator shall be paid by the Municipality on vouchers signed by the Mayor.