(a)    To preserve and maintain efficient traffic movement, permitted access to all thoroughfares shall be limited as defined herein. A goal of these access management standards is to limit and reduce the number of driveways in favor of combined driveways and the construction of service roads to handle access to multiple parcels. These regulations are in addition to any other state, or local approvals required.
   (b)    Number of Driveways: Each lot is permitted to have a single, two-way driveway except in cases where a Traffic Impact Study clearly demonstrates the benefits of a second driveway from the standpoint of traffic movement. Examples of where a second drive may be justified include large corner lots where driveways on both streets may be desirable and instances where two, one-way drives are preferred more than one, two-way drive.
   (c)   Location of Driveways: All driveways shall be located as far as practical from the intersection of public streets.
   (d)    Conditional Approval of Driveways: As part of the site plan review process, a site plan may be approved with a specific driveway location under the condition that an agreement be reached between the property owner and the Municipality requiring that such driveway(s) be closed when specific circumstances are met. Such circumstances may include the future construction of a service road on adjacent property, the opportunity for a shared driveway with development of adjacent property, or other site-specific circumstances. This conditional approval may be required even if the driveway(s) conforms to all other requirements of this section.
   (e)    Driveway Alignment: New driveways shall be aligned with existing driveways across a street unless such alignment is shown to be undesirable in a Traffic Impact Study. Where such alignments are shown to be undesirable, the centerlines of opposing driveways shall be offset at least one hundred feet (100').
(Ord. 25-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)
   (f)   Regulations:  The “Access Management Regulations within the unincorporated areas of Lucas County, Ohio” effective July 6, 2007, and as amended shall be applicable within the Municipality of Waterville with the following modifications:
      (1)   References to Lucas County Boards, Commissions and Offices shall be interpreted as references to the corresponding Waterville Municipal Boards, Commissions or Offices unless otherwise specified.
      (2)   The Municipal Planning Commission shall serve as the Board of Appeals for Access Management.
      (3)   There will not be a separate Permit Fee for Access Management.
      (4)   State Route 64, the Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville-Monclova Rd. and South River Rd. between the south corporation line and the Anthony Wayne Trail shall be considered Minor Arterials.
      (5)   Dutch Rd., Farnsworth Rd., Neapolis-Waterville Rd., Pray Blvd. and Neowash Rd., shall be considered Major Collectors.
      (6)   North River Rd. and South River Rd. from the Anthony Wayne Trail to Farnsworth Rd. shall be considered Minor Collectors.
         (Ord. 26-12.  Passed 12-10-12.)