(a)   Whenever a structure, as defined by the Planning and Zoning Code, being used or to be used for commercial purposes, whether public or private, within the above described district is proposed to be constructed or erected and whenever an existing structure is proposed to be altered, reconstructed, enlarged or remodeled, if such alteration, additional curb cuts, reconstruction, enlargement remodeling involves the exterior design, material, finish grade line, landscaping or orientation of the structure, an application for a zoning permit shall be filed with the Municipal Administrator together with a fee as determined from time to time by Council. 
(Ord. 43-05.  Passed 10-24-05.)
   (b)   Upon receipt of an application for a zoning permit, the Municipal Administrator shall place the application on the agenda for the appropriate Review Board to review at its next regular meeting following fourteen days from the date the application is filed.  The Municipal Administrator shall notify the applicant and the contiguous property owners at least ten days in advance of the date the Review Board is to convene to review the application.
   (c)   The application shall be accompanied by such plans, specifications and other material as the Review Board may prescribe.
   (d)   Notwithstanding any other provisions to the contrary, applications for sign permits shall not be subject to the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 34-09.  Passed 10-26-09.)