(a)    Whenever a development, as defined by the Planning and Zoning Code, being used or to be used for Multi Family Resident purposes, is proposed to be constructed, an application for a zoning permit shall be filed with the Municipal Administrator together with a fee as determined from time to time by Council.
   (b)    Upon receipt of an application for a zoning permit for a development as defined in Section 1136B.04(a), the public hearing and notice procedure specified in Section 1129.04 for changes in the Planning and Zoning Code shall be followed.
   (c)    The application shall be accompanied by a site plan and building elevations drawn  to scale indicting at a minimum, the lot dimensions, size, shape and dimensions of all structures; the location and orientation of the structures on the lot and the actual or proposed building setback lines, the ingress and egress, landscaping and orientation of the buildings and any significant architectural features. In addition, the Municipal Planning Commission or Council may require the submission of colored perspectives or architectural renderings in applications where the Planning Commission or Council feels it is required.
(Ord. 01-05.  Passed 3-14-05.)