935.10  REVISIONS.
   On or before September 1 of each year, the Municipal Administrator shall review the rules, regulations, charges, and fees set forth in this chapter. If changes, revisions, or modifications are necessary, the Administrator shall submit the proposed revisions to the first Council meeting in October for ratification by ordinance. The charge system contained in Section 935.07 shall be in accordance with the regulations of EPA, which now require:
   (a)   The user charges shall result in the distribution of the operation, maintenance, and replacement costs of the treatment works within the jurisdiction of the Municipality to each user class in proportion to such user's contribution of the total wastewater loading of the treatment works. Factors such as strength, volume, and delivery flow rate characteristics shall be included to ensure a proportional distribution of the costs.
   (b)   The charges shall be reviewed annually and revised periodically as required.
   (c)   The user charges shall derive revenue sufficient to meet all costs of operation, maintenance, and replacement of the system.
      (1980 Code 51.10; Ord. 24-97.)