(A)   Significant industrial users are required to obtain discharge approval from the state prior to discharge to the sewerage system per federal or state rules and regulations. Information provided to the state shall also be provided to the town.
   (B)   Industrial users are required to obtain discharge approval from the town if any waters or wastes are discharged, or are proposed to be discharged, to the public sewers, that contain pollutants or the characteristics enumerated in §§ 51.204 and 51.205 of this chapter.
      (1)   Existing connections. Within 60 days of approval of this chapter, any industrial user required to obtain wastewater discharge approval who wishes to continue wastewater discharges in the future, shall apply to the town for discharge approval.
      (2)   New connections. Any user required to obtain wastewater discharge approval from the town who proposes to begin or recommence discharging into the sewerage system must obtain such approval prior to the beginning or recommencing of such discharge. The wastewater discharge approval process must be completed at least 60 days prior to the date upon which any discharge will begin or recommence.
   (C)   When required by the town, the owner of any property serviced by a building sewer carrying industrial wastewaters shall install a suitable control manhole together with such necessary meters and other appurtenances in the building sewer to facilitate observation, sampling, and measurement of the wastewaters. Such manhole, when required, shall be accessible and safely located, and shall be constructed in accordance with plans approved by the town. The manhole shall be installed by the owner at his or her expense and shall be maintained by him or her to be safe and accessible at all times. Plans for the installation of control manholes and related equipment must be approved by the town before construction is begun.
   (D)   Information provided to the town for discharge approval shall include: construction or building plans including all sewerage system connections, description of activities at the facility, a narrative description of any pretreatment of wastewaters, description of industrial wastewaters produced, characterization of wastewaters, and detailed plans of any pretreatment system. The town may require additional information or equipment.
   (E)   Upon review of the provided materials, the town may:
      (1)   Approve the discharge without further monitoring or surcharges;
      (2)   Require a site inspection to identify sources of wastewater;
      (3)   Reject the wastewaters in whole or in part for any reason deemed appropriate by the town;
      (4)   Require pretreatment of such wastewaters to within the limits of normal domestic sewage as defined;
      (5)   Require control or flow equalization of such wastewaters to avoid any "slug" loads or excessive loads that may be harmful to the sewerage system; or
      (6)   Require payment of a surcharge on any excessive flows or loadings discharged to the sewerage system to cover the additional costs of having capacity for and treating such wastewaters.
   (F)   Once the industrial user is approved by the town, the industrial user is to follow all sections of this chapter. The town will issue a letter to the user stating discharge is approved within 30 days of receiving the submittal and identify any requirements for: flow-equalizing facilities, pretreatment equipment, grease interceptors, sampling, sampling point, reporting, and inspections as needed.
   (G)   Discharge approval will be for a period of five years. Users are required to submit information at least 60 days prior to approval expiration.
   (H)   Any violation of the terms and conditions of a state permit or this chapter shall be deemed a violation and subjects the approved user to the sanctions set out in §§ 51.500 through 51.999 of this chapter. Obtaining wastewater discharge approval does not relieve a user of its obligation to comply with all federal and state pretreatment standards or requirements or with any other requirements of federal, state, and local law.
   (I)   Wastewater Discharge Approval Fee for industrial users will be due at the time of submittal. As necessary, the town may engage outside consultation to review submittals and plans. The user shall agree to pay the town for the actual costs incurred by the town with respect to the review of all submittals, plans, and accompanying information. Fees are listed on the Town of Waterloo's Fee Schedule that may be revised from time to time by the Town Council.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)