A.   Appointments; Term: The seven (7) members serving on the cultural and arts commission as of March 1, 2001, shall remain as members of the commission and shall serve their unexpired terms. Four (4) new members shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council. One of the new members' initial term shall expire March 1, 2002; two (2) of the new members' initial terms shall expire March 1, 2003; and one of the new members' term shall expire March 1, 2004. Thereafter, all terms shall be for three (3) years. No member of the commission shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms and shall not be reappointed to a third term unless the member has not served on any board or commission of the city for a minimum of one year before reappointment to any board or commission; except a third term may be approved upon extraordinary circumstances and unavailability of applicants as determined by the mayor.
Prior to March 1 of each year, the mayor with the approval of the council, shall appoint commissioners to succeed commissioners retiring on March 1, who shall hold office as set out in this section. The commissioners shall hold their office until their successors are appointed and qualified. (Ord. 4481, 5-29-2001)
   B.   Eligibility: To be eligible for appointment to the cultural and arts commission, a person must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and a bona fide resident of the city, except that up to three (3) members may be bona fide residents of Black Hawk County who reside outside the city limits. (Ord. 4970, 10-12-2009)
   C.   Organization: At its first meeting, the cultural and arts commission shall elect a chair and a vice chair who shall serve for a one year term. The chair shall decide on all points of order and procedure unless otherwise directed by a majority of the commissioners in session at the time. The chair shall appoint any standing or temporary committees necessary to carry out the function of the commission.
   D.   Compensation: Members of the cultural and arts commission shall receive no compensation for their services.
   E.   Vacancies: The removal of any member of the cultural and arts commission permanently from the city, or his absence from three (3) consecutive meetings of the commission, except in case of sickness or temporary absence from the city, without due explanation, shall render his office as a member vacant.
Vacancies occurring on the commission shall be filled by the mayor in the same manner as regular appointments, which appointment shall be to fill out the unexpired term for which the appointment is made. (Ord. 4341, 2-22-1999)