A.   Coasting:
      1.   Toy Vehicles: No person shall coast down, in or upon the streets in the city upon or in any wagon, tricycle, roller skates or any other non-motor propelled devices, other than bicycles, except in the manner and under and upon the conditions set out in subsection A3 of this section.
      2.   Motor Vehicles On Sidewalks: No person shall coast down, in or upon the public sidewalks in the city upon or in a motor propelled vehicle of any kind.
      3.   Play Streets; Exceptions: No person shall coast down, in or upon the streets or public sidewalks in the city upon or in any sled, coaster wagon or scooter, except that coasting with sleds, coaster wagons or scooters shall be permitted on certain streets so designated and closed by the police department, and the police department shall specify and designate such street or streets following a conference and agreement with the leisure services department, and all such coasting so permitted shall be under the supervision of the leisure services department. All coasting may be thereafter prohibited and the streets closed to coasting by the police department, if, in the opinion of the police department or the captain of traffic thereof, that the coasting constitutes a nuisance or hazard.
   B.   Snow And Ice Removal:
      1.   Transfer Of Snow And Ice From Private Property: No person shall transfer or cause to be transferred any snow or ice from private property onto public property in the city.
      2.   Removal From Sidewalks: It shall be the responsibility of the abutting property owner(s) to remove accumulations of two inches (2") or more of snow and ice from the sidewalks.
         a.   Within twenty four (24) hours in downtown, business districts, or a three (3) block radius of schools and hospital areas.
         b.   Within forty eight (48) hours in residential neighborhoods.
         c.   If another snow event occurs, the time frame will not be reset.
      3.   Removal Not Reasonable: In the event that snow or ice cannot be reasonably removed, the owner will put on the sidewalk, sand or other abrasive material in such an amount and manner to make foot traffic reasonably safe. The owner will maintain that condition until the weather permits the removal of the snow or ice.
   C.   Injurious Materials:
      1.   No person shall throw or deposit upon any street, alley or sidewalk in the city, any glass, glass bottles, nails, tacks, wire, cans or any other substance likely to injure any person, animal or tires, or other part of a vehicle, using the street, alley or sidewalk.
      2.   Any person who drops or permits to be dropped or thrown upon any street, alley or sidewalk of the city, any destructive or injurious material, shall immediately remove the material, or cause it to be removed.
      3.   Any person removing a wrecked or damaged vehicle from a street shall remove any glass or other injurious substance dropped upon the street from the vehicle.
   D.   Public Meetings On Public Ways: It shall be unlawful for any person to hold a public meeting of any character or description upon any street, alley or avenue of the city, or in any public park thereof, without permission, or for any persons to congregate about or upon any street, avenue or alley of the city so as to obstruct the highways of the city, except that public meetings may be held on the streets of the city and in the public parks by written permission granted by the mayor, which permit shall designate the character of the meeting, the place it is to be held, and under whose charge, but no such meeting shall be held in a manner or way calculated to obstruct or interfere with public travel on highways of the city, and any person violating any provision hereof shall be deemed guilty of an offense.
   E.   Dropping Petroleum On Pavement: No person shall allow any gasoline, kerosene or oil of any character to be deposited upon any pavement, or to drip from any vehicle, tank, or vessel upon any pavement within the city.
   F.   Rubbish On Pavement: No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any dirt, ashes, or rubbish of any kind or character on any pavement within the city.
   G.   Conducting Roof And Surface Water Onto Public Ways: It shall be unlawful for any person to so construct drainage pipes from the roofs of abutting property or otherwise permit in any way the surface water or water from the roofs of buildings erected on abutting property to flow upon the sidewalk or into the street.
   H.   Fishing From Certain Bridges: No person shall fish off the Park Avenue Bridge, the First Street Bridge, the Fourth Street Bridge, the Fifth Street Bridge or the Eleventh Street Bridge in the city, and any person violating the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of an offense.
   I.   Fires On Paved Streets: No person shall burn any rubbish or build any fire upon any paved street in the city.
   J.   Operation Of Vehicles Which Damage Streets: No person shall move or cause to be moved any vehicle over the streets or bridges of the city when the vehicle is so constructed that the pavement, oiled street or bridge shall be injured by its use thereon. (Rev. Ord., Comp. 1941: 1173, p. S-2; amd. 1185, p. S-6; 1187, p. S-8; 1189, p. S-10; 1530, p. S-30; 1633, p. G-7; 1913, p. S-12a; 1914, p. C-2; 1979, p. F-12; Ord. 3626, 3-13-1989; Ord. 3649, 6-5-1989; Ord. 5108, 3-26-2012)