(A)   No person shall erect or maintain a marquee which extends in front of an established building line, or a sign or advertising device of any character, except as hereinafter provided, which extends in front of an established building line (except signs which are parallel to and against the face of a wall, which signs may extend not more than three inches in front of the wall providing no part of the sign shall be illuminated or used for sign purposes except the front or face thereof without first obtaining a permit to maintain the same from the Building Official). No marquee, sign or other advertising device requiring a permit shall be maintained more than ten days after the permit has expired or been revoked.
   (B)   All signs or advertising which are to be attached to or erected upon a building or structure and all electrical signs or electrical advertising devices shall require permits.
(1967 Code, §§ 18-5, 18-6)  Penalty, see § 10.99