§ 157.06  MARQUEES.
   (A)   No marquee or part thereof shall extend beyond the curb line. No marquee which extends in front of the building line shall have thereon any words or advertising other than the name of the building or of a business carried on in the building, over the entrance of which the marquee is erected, except that a marquee over the entrance of a theater or other place of amusement may have thereon the name of the performance and of the performers; providing that, no letters shall exceed 24 inches in height.
   (B)   No marquee shall have a difference in elevation between its lowest point and its highest point in excess of six feet and six inches, except in front of a theater where height may be nine feet not including necessary supporting brackets, tie rods or similar parts. No marquee shall be less than ten feet in the clear above the level of any sidewalk subject to general public use.
   (C)   All marquees shall be constructed entirely of metal and glass or other incombustible material including all supports and braces for the same, shall be properly drained, shall be supported entirely from the building and shall meet the approval of the Building Official.
(1967 Code, § 18-14)  Penalty, see § 10.99