§ 157.03  ROOF SIGNS.
   (A)   No roof sign shall be placed on any building so as to prevent free passage from one part of the roof to any other part thereof, or to interfere with any openings and no such sign shall project beyond the edge of the roof. There shall be a clear space beyond the roof and the lowest part of any roof sign of not less than six feet and there shall be at least five feet clearance between the vertical supports of any such sign. Every roof sign shall sit back at least four feet from the face of any wall which faces a street, provided that lighting reflectors of a type approved by the Building Official, may extend not more than three feet beyond the building line and further provided, that permission is granted to continue the maintenance of those reflectors not extending not  more than six feet over the building line on the signs existing on May 3, 1948; provided, the reflectors are of a type approved by the Building Official.
   (B)   Every roof sign shall be constructed entirely of steel, including uprights, supports and bracing.
   (C)   All roof signs erected upon a building of nonfire-proof construction shall bear directly upon masonry bearing walls, piers or approved columns.
   (D)   No roof sign shall exceed 31 feet in height above the roof.
   (E)   The limitations in respect to height and character of facing as set forth in divisions (B) and (D) shall not apply in light or heavy industrial zones as defined in the Waterbury Zoning Code.
(1967 Code, § 18-11)  Penalty, see § 10.99