(A)   Signs within fire limits. Within the inner fire limits, no sign or advertising device of wood over two feet high shall be permitted on any building and when less than two feet high shall be placed flat against a wall or the space back of same shall be fire-stopped when required by the Building Official. Other signs or advertising devices within the inner fire limits shall be of metal, or shall have all exposed wood parts covered with metal, except that wood letters, wood moldings and small wood ornamentations may be allowed on the face of the sign or device; and if the sign or device is tight against a fire-resistive wall, with no openings back of the sign or device, the framework may be of wood; providing that, all wood members shall have at least two coats of lead and oil paint.
   (B)   Temporary signs. Temporary signs of cloth or other material on wood frames may be permitted or approved by the Building Official for a combined period not exceeding 30 days in any one calendar year for any one place of business in the city.
   (C)   Advertising signs. Every billboard, structure or device used for the display of advertising matter shall be constructed and maintained in a safe and substantial manner and shall, at all times, be kept in a neat and clean condition with no loose paper hanging from the same or allowed to fall upon the street or sidewalk and no paste or other materials shall be allowed to drop upon sidewalk.
   (D)   Placing signs, and the like, on poles, trees, city property. No person shall place or maintain any poster, placard, sign or advertising device of any character upon any land, structure, pole, tree or in any public place without obtaining the written consent of the owner of the property, or in case the property is owned by the city, the written consent of the city department having charge of the property. In no case shall matter of an offensive nature be displayed.
   (E)   Signs not to block exits, windows or fire escapes. No signs or advertising device of any character shall be erected or constructed upon any fire escape or in such manner as to obstruct or impede ingress or egress to or from any exit, window or door of any building or structure.
   (F)   Wind pressure. All ground sign boards, roof signs and projecting signs shall be designed to withstand a wind pressure of not less than 30 pounds per square foot of surface subject to such pressure.
   (G)   Electrical signs to be approved. Every electrical sign or advertising device shall bear the label Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., but the label shall not obligate the Building Official to approve same.
   (H)   List of signs to be furnished. Every person licensed for outdoor advertising shall file with the Building Inspector at the time the license is obtained, a completed list of all signs, billboards or advertising devices controlled by the licensee together with locations of same.
(1967 Code, § 18-10)  Penalty, see § 10.99