(A)   Every pawnbroker, except those exempted as stated in division (E) below, shall, before noon of each business day following Sunday, transmit to the Chief of Police by means of electronic transmission through a modem or similar device, or by delivery of a computer disk, in such a format that the data are capable of direct electronic entry into the Police Department's computerized system for identifying and tracing lost, stolen and sought-after property, the information required to be recorded concerning all transactions in which the licensee received used goods during the preceding week by pawn, trade, purchase or consignment, as set forth above.
   (B)   The Chief of Police shall establish the format and requirements for the transmission of data and may restrict the scope of the items that are to be electronically reported. A transaction reported by electronic transmission shall not be reported on paper forms unless the Chief of Police so requests.
   (C)   Each pawnshop which has a valid pawnbroker's license as of the passage of this chapter has until August 1, 2007 to comply with the regulations of this chapter. New applicants for a pawnbroker's license must comply with the regulations at the time of the license issuance.
   (D)   The Chief of Police may for good cause shown grant a pawnbroker an extension of the deadline to a date not later than September 1, 2007. An extension may only be granted upon written application by the pawnbroker and upon a showing that the pawnbroker is making satisfactory progress toward acquiring computer programs and equipment to make the necessary transmission.
   (E)   Pawnbrokers need not report electronically a transaction taking place at a business location where the number of pawn transactions at no time exceeds ten transactions per week (calculated from each Monday through the next Sunday, inclusive). A pawnbroker reasonably believing a location at which he conducts a pawnshop qualifies under this division for exemption from computerized reporting and wishing to be exempt from the requirement of division (A) shall sign a sworn statement to that effect in a form developed by the Chief of Police. Once the statement is signed, so long as the volume of transactions does not exceed ten each week, pawn transactions taking place at that pawnshop need not be reported electronically, but the pawnbroker must comply in all respects with Conn. Gen. Stat. § 21-43, and must submit a weekly sworn statement regarding transactions to the Chief of Police in writing as set forth above. If, in any two weeks in any consecutive three-month period, the number of pawn transactions at the pawnshop exceeds ten per week, then the pawnbroker shall no longer be exempt from the electronic reporting requirements set forth above in division (A) above.
   (F)   If, after establishing the format requirements for the transmission of computerized reports of transactions, the Chief of Police alters the required format, pawnbrokers shall be given at least 30 days to comply with the new format.
(Ord. passed 8-6-2007)