§ 118.35  EXEMPTIONS.
   The licensing provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:
   (A)   Salespersons selling goods to retail or wholesale stores for resale;
   (B)   Wholesalers selling and delivering their wares and goods to the merchants of the city;
   (C)   Goods, merchandise or foodstuffs sold and delivered by the merchants of the city;
   (D)   Vendors of newspapers;
   (E)   The sales of goods by students of the schools of the City of Waterbury; providing, the sales have been approved by the Waterbury Board of Education or, in the case of a private school, by the appropriate school officials;
   (F)   Anyone who has conducted a regular place of business within the city for at least one year on a continuous basis;
   (G)   Those persons exempted by the statutes of this state; and
   (H)   Civil service, church or fraternal groups regularly organized and/or functioning in the city; provided, however, that, any such group shall be required to obtain one permit as provided in this chapter, without fee, for any activity which comes within the scope of this chapter. Further, the group shall have been in existence in the city for a continuous period of at least one year prior to application for such a permit.
(1967 Code, § 15-15)