(A)   Any person who has been a resident of the state for one year and a resident of the city for six months, and who is a veteran as defined by Conn. Gen. Stat. § 27-103 and is receiving a pension, annuity or compensation from the United States because of an injury or disability received while in the service may make application to the Mayor, on a form to be prescribed by him to locate a newsstand on the public sidewalks for the sale of books, postcards, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and other printed matters; provided, the applicant has secured the consent in writing of the owners and lessees of the abutting premises for filing with the Mayor, in front of which, the newsstand is to be located, and if the newsstand is to be located on a public sidewalk in front of or on city property, provided the applicant has obtained the approval of the Board having the authority and control over such location.
   (B)   (1)   The Mayor shall refer the application to the Board of Public Works for investigation as to the locality where the newsstand is to be situated, and if same, in its opinion, does not interfere with public travel or the use of the sidewalks at that locality and is a suitable and proper place for such newsstand, shall make a report of its finding and facts and whether it recommends favorable or unfavorable consideration upon the application, to the Mayor. The Mayor, upon the recommendation of the Board of Public Works, may grant a license to the applicant, having taken into consideration the mental and physical status of the applicant and his needs and requirements.
      (2)   The license shall be issued by the Mayor without charging a fee for the same, and unless sooner revoked, shall expire on December 31 succeeding the date of issue thereof.
(1967 Code, § 19-11)