§ 96.127  LEAKY GAS PIPES.
   Any gas works or gas reservoir now or hereafter erected in the city which shall corrupt the water or pollute the air so as to become offensive or injurious to any person residing in the vicinity thereof, or be suffered to drain into any of the waters of the city so as to pollute the same, shall be deemed a nuisance, and the Board of Health may order such alterations as they shall deem necessary to abate and remove the nuisance. Any gas pipe in any street of the city, in a leaky condition so as to contaminate the air or injure or endanger any tree in any street or public square or private grounds, shall be deemed a nuisance and the Board of Health may serve an order on the person using the same to abate or prevent the nuisance.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 62)  Penalty, see § 96.999