(A)   No person shall cause or suffer to be brought or to flow into any stream of water, spring or well in this city, the water of which is used for domestic purposes, or into any drain or pipe communicating therewith, any substance whereby the water in such stream, spring or well is or may become polluted.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 53)
   (B)   On the complaint of any person to the Director of Health that the water in any well or spring within the city is polluted or detrimental to the public health, the Director of Health or other person acting under the authority of the Board of Health shall inspect and examine the well or spring and the water thereof, and report thereon to the Board at the meeting which shall be held next after the making of the complaint and examination.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 54)
   (C)   Whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the Board of Health that the water of any well or spring in the city, used for domestic purposes, is polluted or detrimental to public health, the Board may by notice in writing, require the owner, lessee or occupant of the premises wherein the well or spring is situated, forthwith to close the same and to do all work necessary or proper for that purpose.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 55)
Penalty, see § 96.999