§ 96.059  STORAGE OF FOOD.
   Every person, being the owner, lessee or occupant of any room, stall or place where any meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, designated or held for human food, shall be stored or kept, or shall be held or offered for sale, shall put and keep the room, stall and place, and its appurtenances, in a cleanly and wholesome condition; and every person having charge, or interested or engaged, whether as principal or agent, in the care or in respect to the custody or sale of any meat, fish, fruit, birds, fowl or vegetables, designated for human food, shall put and preserve the same in a cleanly and wholesome condition, and shall not allow the same, or any part thereof, to be poisoned, infected or rendered unsafe or unwholesome for human food.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 14)  Penalty, see § 96.999