§ 96.058  STREET SALES.
   (A)   No breadstuffs, cakes, pastry, dried or preserved fruits, candies or confectionery, shall be kept, sold or offered for sale outside of a building in the city or in any streets or public place, unless they be kept properly covered so that they shall be protected from dust and dirt.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 11)
   (B)   No dealer shall expose outside his place of business, berries, cherries, grapes or cut watermelon, for sale, unless the same shall be properly protected from dust, dirt and all carriers of infection.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 12)
   (C)   All stands used for displaying fruit or vegetables shall be not less than two and one-half feet high, above the sidewalk.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 13)
Penalty, see § 96.999