(A)   No meat, fish, birds, fowl, fruit or vegetables, not being healthy, fresh, sound, wholesome and safe for human food, nor any meat or fish that died by disease or accident shall be brought into the city or offered or held for sale as such food anywhere in the city, nor shall any such articles be kept or stored therein.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 7)
   (B)   Upon any cattle, meats, birds, fowl, fish or vegetables being found by any inspector or other officer of the Department of Public Health in a condition which renders them, in his opinion, unwholesome, and unfit for use as human food, or in a condition or of a weight or quality in this section condemned or prohibited, he is empowered, authorized and directed to immediately condemn the same and cause it to be removed to the crematory for destruction, and report his action to the Department without delay. The owner or person in charge of any condemned meat, when so directed by any officer or by any order of the Health Department, shall remove, or cause the same to be removed, to the place designated by the officer or order, and shall not sell, or offer to sell, dispose of the same for human food. When in the opinion of any officer of the Health Department, any such meat, fish, fruits or vegetables shall be unfit for human food, or any such animal, cattle, sheep, swine or fowls, by reason of disease or exposure to contagious disease, shall be unfit for human food, and improper or unfit to remain near other animals or to be kept alive, the Board of Health may direct the same to be destroyed, as dangerous to life and health, and may order any such animal, cattle, sheep, swine or fowls, to be removed by any inspector, police officer, officer or agent of the Health Department, to be killed, and taken to the crematory.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 8)
   (C)   No person, being the manager or keeper of any saloon, boarding house or lodging house, or being employed as a clerk, servant or agent thereat, shall therein or thereat, offer or have, for food or drink, or to be eaten or drunk, any poisonous, deleterious or unwholesome substances nor allow anything therein to be done or to occur, dangerous to life or prejudicial to health.
(1967 Code, Appendix A, § 9)
Penalty, see § 96.999