(A)   Creation. There shall be created an agency of city government to be known as "The Office of Emergency Management".
   (B)   Director. The agency shall be under the supervision of the Director of all disaster emergency functions. The Director shall:
      (1)   Be appointed by the Mayor;
      (2)   Serve at the will of the Mayor and may be removed by the Mayor at any time;
      (3)   May also be removed from his position as provided in Conn. Gen. Stat. § 28-7(b);
      (4)   Report directly to the Mayor and advise him on matters pertaining to civil preparedness and disaster emergency operations;
      (5)   Coordinate the activities of all city agencies in disaster emergency situations but in no case shall he assume command of any agency or department other than the Office of Emergency Management unless directly ordered to do so by the Mayor;
      (6)   Coordinate the activities of all emergency management agency forces, both full-time and volunteer personnel, and shall be responsible for the recruitment and training of needed emergency management personnel;
      (7)   Assist the Mayor in the preparation and updating of city emergency operation plans and standard operating procedures;
      (8)   Maintain contact with the State Office of Emergency Management area office designated for the city and shall cooperate with the state office by submitting required reports, procedures and other necessary paper work so that the city will be assured of receiving all possible funding, equipment and other benefits available to the city through state and national emergency management;
      (9)   Devote his full time to the duties of his office and shall be responsible for civil preparedness/emergency management of the city;
      (10)   Perform other duties for civil preparedness related functions as may from time to time be assigned to him by the Mayor; and
      (11)   Receive compensation for the performance of his duties as may be determined by the Mayor.
(1967 Code, § 2-37.1)  (Ord. passed 5-7-1973; Ord. passed 8-24-1998)